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3.9.2018 - 5.9.2018 - Seznamovací kurz 1. termín

5.9.2018 - 7.9.2018 - Seznamovací kurz 2. termín

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Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics, Prague (New Building, 4th floor)
(office of Department of Systems Analysis (KSA) – room No. 453)

nam. W.Churchilla 4,
130 67   Praha 3

Telephone (office): 224095429
Secretary: Hana Křivánková (office hours)
Office of the department – Jižní město campus: 224094307


Head of the department: prof. Ing. Petr Doucek, CSc.

Deputy head of the department: doc. Ing. Vlasta Svatá, CSc.

Chancellor of the department: Ing. Lea Nedomová


Personal contacts can be found in the telephone directory.

Teacher’s office hours can be found in the ISIS.