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Informatics,  study program Applied Informatics

This study program is designed for education of professionals able to design, implement and operate information systems which support management and cognitive activities in the socio-economic area.

This Bachelor’s program focuses both on basic economic disciplines and basics of information technologies, methods of processing information and application of systems analysis. Core of the curriculum lies in design and implementation of information systems in economic reality. Current development in advanced countries shows an increasing demand for professionals with these skills.

Graduates of this program typically become:

  • professionals employed by software or consulting companies that focus on development/selling of standard information systems applications or development of tailor-made applications (including design of technical security and on-line consultations),
  • members of departments specializing in automated data processing in institutions and businesses (banks, insurance companies, state and regional administration, industrial companies etc.),
  • information workers in modern information centres using extensive networks of professional information, workers in computer centres.

From the viewpoint of company hierarchy, graduates of this program typically hold positions such as: information manager, analyst – programmer, database administrator, information services worker etc.

After graduating from the Bachelor’s program, students can choose to deepen their theoretical and practical knowledge of the field by applying for one of the Master’s programs offered by the faculty.

Informatics is taught in different forms and under different names (Informatics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Business Information Systems, Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Informatique en Gestion) at all advanced universities thoughout the world.